Wonder why you feel so tired ? No had enough rest during the fasting month , i have a good tips to share , check it out


Heeyy buddy's 
How are you today ?
Someone ask me how to stay fit during RAMADHAN 

So let check it out guyz 

To stay FIT during Ramadhan you have a sahur little late,

Start breaking your fast with kurma at least plain water 

Dont forget to follow healthy diet , eat wisely with simple menu such as :

- one plate of rice
-one portion of fish / chicken / beef
- a bowl og mix veggies
- two slices of fruits ( average size )
- a glass of milk
- six to eight glasses of plain water
- one or two sweet kuih

Other than that , don't eat to much during breaking the fast

And you can do a simple light pyhsical exercise such as :

- cleaning
- walking
- sweeping
- brisk walking
- car washing 
- cycling
- gardening

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